Eating for PCOS

Feeling confused when it comes to all of the different diet approaches out there and which one best supports PCOS?

I’m Dr. Fiona McCulloch…I’ve worked with women with PCOS for 17 years, and I see how much harder they have to work on their diet compared to others.

I also have PCOS myself so I know this is true – all too well!

Do you feel frustrated about your progress despite trying the same things that seem to work so well for others?

We all know that diet is foundational when it comes to healthier hormones with PCOS, but why does it have to be so hard?

Why Do Most Diet Plans Fail For PCOS?

There is a good reason – women with PCOS have very different metabolic needs!

… I want to help you leverage the power of the same simple eating guidelines that I use myself to stay healthy with PCOS.

It’s a way of eating designed specifically for PCOS that’s helping women break through the cycle of insulin resistance and eat in a balanced and healthy way.

I'm Here To Educate and Guide You!

I graduated with a degree in biological sciences, and then went on to become a licensed Naturopathic Doctor. I have worked with thousands of women for 17 years, and own a busy Integrative Medicine clinic in Toronto..

I also suffered for over 15 years – undiagnosed – with irregular cycles, abdominal weight gain, intense cravings for sugar, and cystic acne.

Through research and practice with my patients and especially with my own health, I discovered a way of eating that finally worked. And today I don’t suffer with those symptoms anymore.

Everything changed for me once I discovered the power of nutrition. I spent 3 years writing my book, “8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS”, reading thousands of research articles and reviewing hundreds of cases.

This is What You Have Been Asking For!

Once the book came out, readers kept asking me for more. They wanted more information on nutrition, recipes and practical ways to eat to support their health.

This course is what you have been asking for! 

A course that specifically focuses on how to eat for PCOS with recipes, time-saving meal prep, shopping lists, video modules and much more!

So here it is...

A Nutrition Program
Just for PCOS

Wouldn’t it be great to feel confident that you’re following a nutrition plan specifically optimized for women with PCOS?

The great thing is that you can actually do this

I’ve included way more information and tools about diet in this program than I have ever delivered to my patients or in writing before.

I feel confident that it’s going to provide you with the newest evidence and a solid, practical diet strategy for PCOS…

A Simple Way of Eating, Backed by Science

Things became clear to me when I began to study the science of nutritional metabolism and I came to understand the metabolic differences in women with PCOS.

I began to put the pieces together, after discovering a metric called the food insulin demand. Eventually through trial and error, I developed a simple way of eating that keeps blood sugar stable, while minimizing the spikes of insulin that block fat loss and cause abdominal weight gain..

I adjusted this program over years with my patients and have come up with a simple structure including time-saving elements that make it practical to use on a daily basis..

Only Solid Advice, No Starving or Deprivation

There is a ton of bad advice out there when it comes to eating optimally and dealing with insulin resistance.

For starters, you may have been told that you should cut calories and count every bite you eat.

We all know that this hardly ever works. You get incredibly hungry: starvation mode is no way to live.

The truth is when you are eating the right way for your metabolism you’ll be able to follow natural hunger cues instead. Insulin resistance blocks fat loss, when you address it, everything is so much easier!

The good news is there’s a solid path to help reverse insulin resistance. Just keep reading…

For starters: foods that trigger excess release of insulin can be a huge issue. They cause blood sugar to rollercoaster, increasing cravings for carbs and sugar. You’ll learn what these foods are.

You’ll learn to combine real, healthy, whole foods in a specific way at each meal to keep your blood sugar stable – which allows insulin levels to normalize, increases belly fat loss, and reduces cravings.

I analyzed thousands of studies on PCOS, nutrition and insulin resistance and learned:

The key to success is keeping blood sugar as stable as possible while creating a normal insulin response to food

Introducing Eating For PCOS

Eating for PCOS is an Online Course that fast tracks you to simple and effective nutrition in a way that’s enjoyable.

Here’s what you can look forward to in the course…

Eating for PCOS is a unique method that can help you

…even if you have trouble sticking to plans long term…

…or even if you have already read my book because this gives you way more practical support, recipes and video modules…

…and get this:

Even if you’re short on time or are raising a family, Eating for PCOS makes it easy for you with time saving methods, shopping lists, tracking calendars and 4 weekly MEAL PREP guides  so you CAN do this!

So, what can you expect in the way of results... and how fast can you expect to see them?

Many women see results in as little as 1 week, and begin to see that cravings reduce, blood sugar stabilizes and belly fat is lost…

After awhile, you’ll find yourself adjusting meals automatically, and making healthy choices effortlessly as you learn how to apply nutrition science to take care of your body…

For women with PCOS, improving insulin resistance can help balance hormones, regulate cycles, and reduce levels of testosterone.

Eating for PCOS will:

Money Back Guarantee

And you don’t need to worry, just try it!

Eating for PCOS is backed by my 14 day guarantee so you know that I fully have your back.

I want you to be happy with the program, and more than anything I want you to succeed!

The methods found within Eating for PCOS has its roots in many areas of research on metabolism, hormones and clinical practice over years.

Creating this program took a LOT of hard work, trial and error, and painful lessons learned…

Do It The Easy Way Instead!

I believe in you, and that you can do this! I want you to have the happiness, health and energy that you deserve.

The biggest difference is the fuel you choose for you body, day after day!


Today marks the first day towards your best health ever! Thanks for letting me be part of it!

Dr. Fiona McCulloch

P.S. Just in case you have a few more questions about Eating for PCOS

I’ve compiled a list of the most commonly-asked questions below…

Yes! This program includes an education in nutrition for you as well, specific for PCOS!

Once you are done you’ll need MORE than everything you need to know!

Yes! Kids generally like the meals in this plan, but they can be adjusted or added to for your kids.

Even better, this program is MORE than just a meal plan, it teaches you HOW to eat for PCOS in any situation!

Don’t worry, we’ve got done-for-you weekly shopping lists, meal prep guides and smoothie prep guides to save you lots of time!

The reason I created this program is that many readers of the book wanted the next level for implementing the food insulin demand practically.

This course includes meal plans, prep, and practical guidance.

If you’ve read the book and want to know how to use the nutrition information in it, THIS IS FOR YOU!

This program is dairy-free and gluten-free! Most people with intolerance find it is very practical for them!

This program has swaps for vegetarians. It is not designed for vegans, however so if you are a vegan this is not for you!

Bonuses for Acting Now!

By clicking the order button below you’ll receive 1 Year Access to Eating for PCOS, complete with bonuses, for just  $197.

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