About the Author

Dr. Fiona graduated with a degree in biological sciences, and then went on to become a licensed Naturopathic Doctor. She has been practicing medicine for the past 17 years, working with thousands of women to improve their health and regain their fertility and is the author of the best-selling book “8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS”. Dr. Fiona is the owner of White Lotus Integrative Medicine in Toronto, a clinic that focuses on natural and nutritional treatments for women’s health, PCOS, fertility, and thyroid disorders. Having suffered with PCOS — undiagnosed — for over 15 years, she has firsthand experience with the difficulties associated with irregular cycles, abdominal weight gain, intense sugar cravings, and cystic acne. Dr. Fiona has taken what she’s learned from intensive research and many years of practice with her patients  and has packaged it all up into easy-to-follow courses that make it simple for you to succeed!
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